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  • Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright Emerges Victorious in Defamation Suit Against Crypto Blogger Peter McCormack August 5, 2022
    It has just been over half a year since Bitcoin creator Craig Wright, more famously known for his pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto as the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, won the Kleiman v Wright trial. Dubbed as “the trial of the century,” the brother of Wright’s late friend David Kleiman attempted to stake a claim to […]
    Mark Peterson
  • Bitcoin Heads Towards Doom; Are BTC Sellers Winning the Battle? August 4, 2022
    Bitcoin showcased tremendous buying strength and potential during its recent push back from July 27. This action was short-lived as each attempt to breach key resistance levels based on previous pivot points and sellers are destroying the moving average. As its market capitalization nears USD 500 billion, selling action gets stronger as if whales have […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin Faces Resistance From 100 DMA; All Investors’ Eyes Are on BTC! July 29, 2022
    The changing economic conditions and control over the traditional currency system create the perfect growth sentiment for BTC’s acceptance. Bitcoin is the crypto king without a conflict; this statement explains the drive towards BTC as it hits new dips during a bear market. Enthusiasts expect BTC to make a turnaround and move towards a much […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin Stumbles After a Marginal Recovery; What’s Next for BTC? July 21, 2022
    Bitcoin has been considered the mirror for the performance and growth of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole which is with a little over $1000 billion. Despite its dominance to the tune of 3x the market capitalization of Ethereum during its peak cycle, BTC now remains just 2.4 times. The current market capitalization of Bitcoin […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin Mining Survey Shares Improved Results in the 2nd Quarter of 2022 July 20, 2022
    The Bitcoin Mining Council published the findings of its survey with a core focus on technological efficiency, electricity consumption, and sustainable power mix. The results are impressive enough to reaffirm that the Bitcoin Network will continue to grow with higher efficiency in the times to come. Data collected now represents 50% of the Bitcoin network […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin Attempts Positive Breakout Above $22k; BTC’s Good Times Await! July 18, 2022
    Bitcoin, the market leader, directs the entire crypto market sentiment simply out of its sheer dominance. BTC is moving with a tremendous buying-focused scenario capable of putting it beyond the grasp of immediate resistances. There has been a huge spike in the last five days, which could turn the scenario towards uptrend momentum only after […]
    Trevor Holman
  • In Beginning, There Was Bitcoin. Today, We Have Solana & Gnox June 24, 2022
    Many investors forget how early they are, and unfortunately, this idea prevents many would-be investors from crossing the threshold and becoming active participants in crypto. From the humble beginnings of cryptography forums, Bitcoin has risen to become an asset with a total market capitalization of more than $1 trillion at its peak. And following Bitcoin, […]
    Mark Peterson
  • Bitcoin Rose From $18,700 Level; Will BTC Cross $30K? June 21, 2022
    Ever wondered why major cryptocurrencies are often tied with the performance of Bitcoin in general. While not all of them are pegged with BTC, it showcases buyers the comparative performance of a market leader with other crypto performers. BTC price action today is severely impacted by whales and Stablecoin Supply Ratio. SSR is nothing but […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin Records Massive Dip; Is It a Time to Buy the Dip? June 13, 2022
    Bitcoin is one of the first decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in the world. However, after its popularity now, it has been facing an issue with scalability and low transaction rate. It works as a peer-to-peer global payment transfer protocol. Many analysts question the fundamentals of Bitcoin because it works on proof of work consensus, consuming more […]
    Trevor Holman

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