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Price Analysis - December 14, 2019

TRX Price Analysis: Is Tron Up for a Price Recovery?

Tron News Today: Justin Sun’s Weibo account has been shut down officially by Chinese authorities. While the Chinese form of Twitter offered no clarification about why his record and the record of Binance prime supporter Yi He was evacuated, Sun guaranteed the crypto network that the issue will get settled soon.

Tron Price Prediction:

TRX price comparison over the past months presents the bearish dominance today. Tron cryptocurrency was valued $0.019417 on November 15, 2019, soon dropped to $0.018377. Despite the slight fall, the TRX coin price moved to $0.018593 on November 18, 2019. After this nominal hike, there was a huge drop of 20.73% recorded on November 25, which was also the lowest cost for Tron. From $0.013159, the TRX price reached $0.016470 in the next two days. From December 5, the movement has been at a slow pace without any drastic change noticed. It seems that the bears are here to stay for a few more weeks.

Tron News Today

Looking at Tron’s price since December 4, we can see the price drop of 3.87% today. TRX coin price is likely to drop further and get traded to the crucial support of $0.0143.

We strongly suggest to hold the existing coins in hand as per its trend noticed. November 15 to 20 was the best phase with Tron currency as it was trading with an upside momentum at that time. Post these dates, the bears have a strong hold, and the same phase is anticipated to remain for few more weeks to come. TRX, if being traded with a long-term perspective, will prove beneficial.

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