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Bitcoin News - November 15, 2019

Bitcoin Tumbler Services: A Way to Safeguard Your Coins

Bitcoin Tumbler services provide anonymity and privacy to any transaction by hiding the source of coins. It alters the starting and ending points of the transaction, which ultimately hides that whether someone is sending or receiving cryptos.

What is Cryptocurrency Tumbler?

Alternatively known as Cryptocurrency Mixing Service, cryptocurrency tumbler solutions mixes easily identifiable cryptocurrency funds with others. The main purpose of it is to conceal the trail that might lead to the source of the fund. It improves the anonymity of cryptocurrencies. Although blockchain transactions are secure, the details are available in a public ledger. If you use BTC to pay for goods and services, you need to include your name and address for the delivery of products. In that case, a third party will be able to trace your transactions and can reveal your identity. And that’s where Bitcoin mixing services come handy.

How Does It Work?

The basic mechanism behind the Bitcoin Tumbler service is breaking down and mixing. It starts with segregating crypto coins into many small pieces. The next step is to mix these small fragments with other broken parts from different clients. For those who are starting in crypto space, the concept might seem to be complex and daunting. Nonetheless, the whole procedure is fairly simple to carry out. Besides the breaking and mixing, the coin can be completed roughly in 10-15 minutes. Lastly, the process is worth your time and adds a layer of privacy to your transactions.

Why Use Cryptocurrency Tumbler?

It is a general perception that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. However, the data is available in public log for adding transparency in the blockchain. In that case, tracking any user becomes relatively easy if their wallet address is known. There is a popular argument that only hackers or criminals want to be anonymous. However, this is an incomplete statement. Any genuine users also want to be anonymous while dealing with exceptionally large amounts. No one wants to display their bank records publically. When it comes to Bitcoin gambling, crypto betting, or blockchain-based casino, tumbler services become inexorable. On top of that, privacy is a fundamental right, and everyone is entitled to it.

Why is It Important?

Anonymity and privacy in today’s world is not a luxury but a necessity. There are several reasons as to why the mixing of coins is important. Especially for those who frequently use darknet, it is a necessity. Developers and hackers are developing new tools regularly for tracking. Be it they all promote private corporations or government agencies, backtracking coins using blockchain.

Moreover, track those who use it. Bitcoin Tumbler will disconnect any route that can be used to track you back while making any BTC purchase. Notably, there is a small mixing fee, as well.

Coming back to the need of Bitcoin Tumbler, it safeguards users from the threats of using coins from an “untrusted” source. There is a minimum delay in TAT of transaction that occurs due to time taken in mixing.

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