Northern British Columbia gets another Bitcoin machine
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Bitcoin News - August 18, 2020

Northern British Columbia gets another Bitcoin machine

Honeybadger, the largest Bitcoin ATM provider in Canada, has made several efforts to educate people about Bitcoin and its users right after its inception in 2016. The company is focussed on enabling Bitcoin services for everyone, and BTC is gaining popularity day by day. A Bitcoin ATM had been installed in June at Kitimat on the lower level of the City Center Mall. It has been recognized as one of the most northerly BTC machines in this world. Apart from this, it would be best if you also learned how to use a bitcoin atm with its buying and selling process, so by this, you will work efficiently without any interruption.

 Honeybadger is based in Vancouver, and it has more than 100 machines from Halifax to Vancouver Island. They are trying to foray into the small towns as part of their expansion plan. Kitimat is on the top of their priority list as the city acts as the gateway to the North. 

Kitimat is a small town, and it will take some time before people are fully aware of the Bitcoin machine in their city. The company wants to install similar machines in other places in Northern British Columbia and are hopeful of getting a good response from residents. In 2017 a Bitcoin machine was installed at a cafe in Prince Rupert, but after that, there were no other machines in Northern British Columbia or B.C. 

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is entirely internet-based. People and business organizations use it as a form of value that can be transferred to anyone without the intervention of a third-party or a financial institution. The most exciting part of Bitcoin is that it works on its own, and nobody controls it. Since everything related to Bitcoin is published, people can get all kinds of information about Bitcoin quickly and on the internet. As it is not owned by anyone or anything specific, the Bitcoin has been described as a massive volunteer project with many people working on it and monitoring its progress round-the-clock.

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