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Bitcoin News - October 24, 2020 A Web-based Platform to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

In today’s world, where all things are changing at a rapidly elevated speed, the overall investment market is also going under a lot of modifications and shifts as we know that investors’ investment attention has been shifted marginally as compared to earlier towards the Cryptocurrency Investment Market. For example, now, traditional investors are becoming more aggressive towards this investment option as they have started investing in this area and started gaining unexpected returns. Further, at this time, also the National & Multinational companies, Small & Medium Enterprises, and even the Banks as well have set their interest towards the Crypto or Digital Currency Investment option.

They consider this new investment option based on blockchain technology for diversifying into this unconventional asset class mainly to gain more profits and mitigate their risks through a scattered pool of investments. In spite of a global economic crisis and with such a massive level of Pandemic, the cryptocurrency investment market has been continually growing firmly; thus, gaining the attention of all the types of investors, i.e., may it be institutional or traditional. In actuality the reopened market after reducing the substantial global effect of this Pandemic, the so-called New Normal Market has shown analytically more upspring for the Digital Currency Market than before.

Various purchase modes of Bitcoin

With the spurring crypto investment market, investors are left with the question of how and from where to buy cryptocurrency; also lies the question of distinctive payment options that can be used and are apt to buy the cryptocurrency. Bitcoins or any other Altcoins can be trading quickly by following quite a simple process:

Firstly, the initial proceeding step in the trading digital currency is to open a Digital Currency Wallet or Bitcoin Wallet to store the assets and tor to carry out trading transactions on the blockchain-based digital network. There are various types of wallets: Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Paper Wallet, and Hardware Wallet.

Secondly, in this subsequent step, after the investors have opened and are equipped with their personal digital wallets, they can these to trade bitcoins and other altcoins at various exchange platforms such as Cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin Voucher/Gift Cards, Bitcoin ATMs, Peer-to-Peer trading.

After this step is completed, one has to sequentially decide upon from where to buy the bitcoins from and also at the same time also decide upon by using which payment method. The following are standard or traditional payment methods for purchasing bitcoin, namely Cash, Bank transfer, Debit/Credit Cards, or UPI payment modes. However, these payment methods’ readiness depends on the place of jurisdiction and trading exchange opted for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

When considering these above-mentioned payment options, one has to also take into consideration the related pros and cons that come along with them. So to put it briefly, each has its attributes such as Cash is an easy option but does not give the best exchange rates in return; UPI mode also has transaction limits; Bank transfers are more reliable but tedious in compared to other options; Debit cards & Credit cards are quicker but have considerable transaction fees.

Insight about buying Bitcoin with Credit Card

With the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lies the most obstructing factor that there is a shortage of a proper platform, which will allow the investors to buy digital coins with standard payment methods like Credit Cards or bank transfers. This is now the most crucial problem for users in the crypto sphere to adopt the procedures in purchasing digital currency or bitcoin.

Nevertheless, out of all these stated modes of payment, Credit Card is presently the highly proliferating mode. Credit Card as a payment option is now facilitated by the advanced high technology-based Crypto Exchange Platforms. Meticulous analysis shows that on one side, trading bitcoins with Credit Cards has its own benefits like it is simplified & upfront payment options; then users even with insufficient cash or bank balance can buy bitcoins; Credit cards users generally receive rewards & benefits for using it, e.g., cashbacks, discounts, etc.

Similarly, on the other side, it has its drawbacks as well like Credit cards charge higher transaction fees; There are also at times chances of security breach & risk of information being stolen if used on an untrustworthy trading platform; Also there are possibilities of overspending beyond the Credit card limit. These are few aspects to be calculated while using Credit card payment mode. Pondering further and after assessing all the plus and minus factors, the Credit Card Payment option seems to be amongst one of the reliable and considerable payment solutions. The traders can do stress-free buying and selling of the bitcoin. While talking about platforms with Credit Cards as a buying option; Investors can consider one such, i.e., “”

Overview of is one such online & high in technology web-based digital currency exchange platforms that, along with other traditional and standard modes of payment, offers bitcoin or altcoins buying an option with a Credit card. It is one of the pioneering and fully computerized online web traders’ platforms with a very efficient and abbreviated registration cum verification process for trading Bitcoin. has obtained a virtual currency service license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia, under the Estonia Registry Code; Thus, it is a completely regulated and certified crypto exchange platform that is motorized, functioned and governed by the laws of Estonia. offers its user with the following benefits: Interface with User-friendliness, Credit card as a payment option simplifies and speedy registration cum verification system, Transparent trading transactions, Faster payouts facility, Modest and Just commission and fee structure for all types of transactions, Round the clock and all days a week customer service support facility. However, after reading this article, you can also read about the penny cryptocurrencies, as by doing this, you can buy those currencies which are low in price, and further in the future, you can get better returns.

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