Algorand Foundation Announces $10 Million Dev Tooling SupraGrant
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Cryptocurrency News - April 6, 2022

Algorand Foundation Announces $10 Million Dev Tooling SupraGrant

What is Dev Tooling Suite?

The Developer experience is a crucial part of the blockchain ecosystem. Developers need to be provided with exceptional experience to construct and stabilize blockchain applications that are a key component of the Software Development Life cycle (SDLC).

To reinforce this, Algorand Foundation is pioneering an effort to establish a globally acclaimed open-source development tooling suite. The ideal suite will include static analysis, account management, debugging, and automated testing incorporated with the Algorand, Sandbox, and IDE. There are insinuations of including a smart contract library and a state-of-the-art block explorer that can benefit private blockchain development. Users can find parallels between this developer tooling suite with the likes of Hardhat and Truffle Suite for Ethereum development.

We expect a flawless integration of existing tools and IDEs such as AlgoDEA, sandbox, algobuilder, and Algorand VS Code extension to the developer suite in addition to the already existing tools.

They are looking for blockchain developer teams that have a rich experience with the functioning of blockchain smart contracts. They expect the team members to have the relevant expertise in developing intelligent auditing tools and do a result-based static code analysis using the latest tools. Team members who have the necessary expertise in language programming are preferred for this position in static analysis.

The teams may be tasked with developing single or multiple open-source tools, a case in point being a static analyzer and further enhancing the extension of existing tools such as VS Code Algorand extension and sandbox. Some degree of skill is required in the AlgoSearch block. They should ensure mastery of the tools so that a smooth integration experience seamlessly happens with the different tools. The Algorand Foundation will serve as an overseeing entity across all projects and ensure that individual teams meet the above requirements. Proposals relevant to developing a full suite of tools in an open-source environment to service existing frameworks are also welcomed. The development proposals should also include Web IDE similar to Ethereum Remix.

How to Apply

Applicants interested in what Algorand has to offer should submit a proposal to be considered for SupaGrant. Three projects will be selected to create a proposed solution from that specific group. The foundation will offer a total sum of $10,000,000 in the form of Algo tokens which can be used to integrate an entire Dev Tools suite into the existing Algorand Ecosystem.

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