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Cryptocurrency News - April 20, 2019

Coinbase Extends Crypto Trading To Eleven Other Countries

Coinbase has expanded its services across Latin America and Southeast Asia, one of the longest-serving exchanges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The news was published in a blog on Wednesday in San Francisco saying that customers can now access Crypto – to – Crypto exchange services Chile South Korea, India, Hong Kong, and other Latin American countries.

Coinbase customers can now send and receive cryptocurrencies in the above – mentioned countries. The exchange indicates in the post that cryptocurrencies move into the utility phase following a number of new usage cases from the current investment phase.

Direct crypto trading is increasingly the new standard, and traditional fiat has been overtaken worldwide in the past year. Millions of Coinbase customers can now trade securely, quickly and comfortably between various cryptos and send cryptographic products off the platform.

According to the announcement, Coinbase is now operating in 53 countries from the previous 32 countries across four continents.

Receiving support in the EOS (EOS), and Maker (MKR) sectors and expanding to cross – border payments, Coinbase has introduced several new developments recently. The latter development would enable users to immediately send and receive money and turn it into local currency.

This can be the form in which traditional financing services such as loans or micropayments or genuinely new cryptographic applications have been described, which have never been considered. This new, decentralized economy is backed by the ability to convert from one crypto to another.

Coinbase added crypt to crypt retail customer trading support in December last year, enabling it to access the service via and Android and iOS applications. In the past, only professional customers had access to support.

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