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Bitcoin News - March 20, 2021

How do I Learn About Bitcoin?


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain are new technologies and have been adopted by several sectors as of now. Although all these new technologies have been adopted early by several users, this ecosystem needs lots of learning if you want to know about this technology’s nuances. Bitcoin relies on blockchain technology, which offers robust solutions to eliminate third parties in transactions/payments all over the world; needless to say, you should have a solid understanding of how to receive, spend and store your bitcoins to safeguard them. Bitcoin is gaining more popularity as the value of Bitcoin is increasing day by day, now several investors are planning to invest or trade in Bitcoin. If you are also planning to invest or trade in Bitcoin. In that case, the Bitcoin code platform is the automated trading platform which is a reliable & popular auto trading robot, which is used for trading Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. To know more about it, you can read Bitcoin Code Review. And, if you are confused about how to learn about Bitcoin, here are a few ways to learn about it.

How Can I Learn About Bitcoin?

To understand Bitcoin and its ecosystem, we have outlined a few ways about how you can learn about them – 

  • If you want to access information about Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies, you can look on the internet, all the information about the cryptocurrency is available freely. You can also use certain words on your browser if you are looking for any particular content related to cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.
  • You can also join various forums where you can ask your doubts and get answers from experts from the forum. Also, you can visit various websites and cryptocurrency trading platforms that provide several educational information given on their websites for educating the users.
  • You can also find several YouTube videos, articles, websites, and news that educate people about various cryptocurrencies. Various courses are available on the internet, guided by experts on mining techniques, investment plans, and a few methods that are used to mine coins, etc. It might be wise to learn about these things by yourself to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies. 

Few Ways to Learn About Bitcoin

Let us look at a few ways about how you can learn about Bitcoin.

  • First, you should learn about the basics of Bitcoin. It is easy because you can find several educational videos for free on the internet and YouTube.
  • You can visit various education websites like EDX or Coursera and sign up for free online courses offered on the websites.
  • You can read various news websites like Cointelegraph or CoinDesk to learn about various developments in the field of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.
  • You can also join various crypto communities such as bitcoin talk and post your doubts there and receive answers from the experts.
  • You can invest a small amount of money through a major crypto exchange and buy Bitcoin. Next, you need to open a wallet and add coins to the wallet. You can also swap coins through a decentralized exchange; this helps you to gain experience in dealing with bitcoins.

Top 6 Books to Learn About Bitcoin

You can understand how Bitcoin works through various sources; one of the best sources is through books. We have given you a list of the best books to learn about bitcoins. 

  1. The Book of Satoshi

Written by Phil Champagne, this book investigates the mystery behind the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The author analyses who the creator might be, whether it is a group or one person, and how Satoshi Nakamoto can create Bitcoin when he is completely anonymous. This book has an internet post of Nakamoto and actual emails that are given in chronological order. It also discusses various technical topics of Bitcoin broken down into simple terms. Also, it reviews the implications and economic potential of this currency and includes the white paper of Nakamoto when Bitcoin was launched. 

  1. Mastering Bitcoin

Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, the book was published in 2014 and explains the decentralized currency in the digital world. This book offers insights into the technology used in Bitcoin, its purpose, its applications that can be adopted globally. This book discusses how Bitcoin works, how the transactions are processed, and how the network operates. It also covers several critical concepts such as the Bitcoin wallet, and blockchain technology. In July 2017, an updated edition was released with the latest developments. 

  1. Cryptocurrency

This book was written by Abraham K, was released in October 2017, describes mining, trading, and investing in digital currencies. Aside from Bitcoin, it provides learning material on various cryptocurrencies; but it provides more information and recommendations about lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

  1. Crypto assets

This book is written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar. Jack Tatar is an angel investor and a founder of a cryptocurrency asset firm in 2017. This book takes us through digital currencies, their commodities, and related tokens. The book is well written, and it is easy to read about cryptocurrency. The main advantage of this book is it discusses the detailed history of the cryptocurrency industry, useful for new investors.

  1. Bitcoin from Beginner to Expert

This book written by Christian Newman is an excellent book that specifically deals with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It covers certain practicalities when you are investing in Bitcoin and how blockchain technology supports it. This book is highly recommended for investors who do not have any prior background, and it is a good book to explore in-depth virtual currencies.

  1. Digital Gold

Digital Gold was written by Nathaniel Popper in 2015, and it was shortlisted for the 2015 Financial times and McKinsey business book of the year award. This book addresses the early days of Bitcoin and its anonymous creator. It proceeds by telling a story of the digital currency through various central characters, which includes Asian and American millionaires, Winklevoss twins, and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It also analyzes Bitcoin, and it compares Bitcoin to a digital currency to gold, and explains how it has become a store of value.

Bottom Line

In a short time, Bitcoin has become one of the leading and topmost cryptocurrencies around the world, even though it is not issued by any Central Bank or governing body. New users learning about Bitcoin will make them understand the cryptocurrency better before they start to invest in this cryptocurrency. One of the major advantages is, there is a lot of information available on the internet that can be accessed easily if you have a PC, stable internet connection, and browser for learning. It is one of the best processes if you want success with cryptocurrencies.

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